Frequently Asked Questions

What about Opening a Superstore without any experience?
“Retail consult” Pvt.(Ltd) makes your dreams come true. Contact Retail Consult & get insights
How daily operations of Supermarket are managed on the daily basis?
“Retail Consult” offers the services, retail store opening and operations Management third pary services & let you train
From where to collect infrastructure to setup a new Superstore?
Clients need not to worry; “Retail Consult” takes the pain & has the best and evaluated sources in Pakistan and around the world.
From where Steel Racks will be purchased?
“Retail consult” has its own state of the art Steel Racks production facility in Pakistan and imports special variety when required.
From Where to start developing new supermarket?
Owen or rent retail space first and engage “Retail Consult” for project management.
What are Superstore infrastructure details?
I. Adjustable display (steel) racks addressing the needs of variety of merchandise through different designs, shapes, materials and colors
II. Heavy duty stock room rack
III. Wood and Glass racks designed to make the store unique and different, used an addition to atmospherics.
IV. Commercial and domestic air conditioners
V. Far sealing to address the temperature and atmospherics needs
VI. POS counters, of different type and size
VII. POS Solutions (software, receipt printers, scanners, cash drawers, till machines
VIII. Customer trolleys and baskets
IX. Front alleviation
X. CCTV Cameras, security systems and fire alarms
XI. Display needs in steel and chrome (hooks, hangers, bars, rods, shelf lines)
What is Scope of Superstore Consulting services?
PART -1 (Superstore Startup) I. Store Location evaluation II. Supermarket rental or Lease terms negotiation III. Superstore Project costing IV. Retail Store Project management (interior development) PART-2 (Superstore Launching) I. Store lay-outs II. Department mix (Place allocation) III. Merchandise planning, budgeting and purchasing IV. Visual merchandising V. Data entry or products registration VI. Opening marketing campaign PART-3 Superstore Operations Management (Intensive care for a specific period) I. Store standard operating procedures II. Vendor relations III. Store up gradation and availability maximization IV. Operations management V. Team performance evaluation and responsibilities delegation VI. Strategic review VII. Miscellaneous support services